Give and Go Overlap Shooting Warm Up

Here is a great drill to add to your list of shooting soccer drills that can be used to get the goalies warmed up, the players getting some easy touches, and players working on shots off of receiving passes. It gets the players moving with several touches on the ball and some long shots on net. Set up the players in three equal lines as shown in the animation. The first player in the line facing away form the net will run towards one of the other lines and call for the ball. The first player in one of the other lines will pass the ball and receive a one-touch pass back from the player they passed it to. When they receive the pass they should try to one-touch the ball to the far player who is making a run on the far side. The player that receives the third pass should then control the ball in as few touches as possible and get a shot on net. The soccer drill alternates sides every repetition.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


bgreenhaw on 10/25/2018


adkicks11 on 9/10/2018

U11 Shooting after angle run

kkrotzer on 7/22/2018

good warm up

kkrotzer on 7/15/2018

Going to try it

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