Set Up:

  • Players are in pairs with one ball.

  • Each player has a goal to defend (3 yds. wide), and the goals are 6 yds. apart. They can be further away/closer depending on the players' ability. Have extra soccer balls close by.

  • Players try to score on the opponent, but only with an underhand throw. Ball must be below shoulder height to count as a goal, and the attacker must be standing between his own goal posts.

  • Play for 1 minute. Ask who won and switch partners to play again.

Coaching Points:

  • GKs need to move their feet to get their body behind the ball.

  • The ready position for GK's id knees bent, up on the toes, chest forward. The hands need to be at hip height with palms facing the shooter.

  • Encourage quick play to catch the opposing GK off-guard.

Players Required: 


khering0813 on 10/16/2018