Goal to Goal - Soccer Drill for Goalies

Goal to Goal - Soccer Drill for Goalies
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  • Players are in pairs with one ball per group
  • Each player has a goal (3yds wide). The goals are 6yds apart. Make further away/closer depending on ability. Have extra balls close by
  • The object is to score a goal on the opponent, but you can only throw the ball underhand when it is between your own goal posts. Ball must be below shoulder height to count as a goal. Other player is the GK defending their “goal”.
  • If ball goes in, they get a point. Opponent then starts with ball on their line and tries to score on opponent.
  • Play for 1 minute. Ask who won and switch partners to play again.


  • Goalkeeper needs to collect ball off ground using a scoop. Try to shuffle to get body behind ball.
  • Show “ready position” for GK. Knees bent, on toes, chest forward. Hands need to be at hip height with palms facing towards body.
  • Encourage quick play, can you save and then catch the opposing GK off-guard by throwing quickly?
Goals Required: 
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