Goalkeeper Circuit

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Set Up:

GK 3 begins the drill with a pass up to Player 1. Player 1 can shoot on either goal, as GK 3 runs the agility course towards the goal Player 1 is shooting at. GK 1 makes the first save and distributes the ball back out to Player 2. Player 2 shoots on the other goal against GK 2. GK 2 runs the agility course back to the start, GK 1 moves over to the other goal, and GK 3 takes his place in the open goal. GK 4  can then begin the next sequence as soon as the shooters are set.

Coaching Points:

1.  First Touch – Open up as you receive, create the best angle and distance for striking the ball.

2.  Ball Striking – With the 1st pass, hit a driven ball with backspin so that the receiver can make a good first touch.

3.  Vision – Look up one more time and spot the target before you drive the ball or shoot the ball.


Progression 1 – Player 1 and Player 2 perform a passing combination before shooting on goal.

Players Required: 

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