Goalkeeper Distribution, Pt. 2

Set Up:

The goalkeepers distribute the ball to the players stationed around the outside of the field, and the sequence ends with a shot on goal. Each sequence is started with a throw to the outside of the field.

Diagram 1: If play starts with a throw that leads the outside back or mid up the field, that player will look to make the next pass to the striker. The outside back looks to make a lead pass to the feet of the striker for a finish on goal. If the outside mid receives, the striker immediately runs to goal, and the outside mid whips the cross in towards the penalty spot.

Diagram 2: If the throw from the GK takes a player back towards the end line, that player must then pass the ball right back to the GK. From there, the GK opens up and changes the ball to the other side of the field to the outside back or mid. They play it across to the striker, who shoots on goal.

Coaching Points:

1    Speed of Play – The outside players should be receiving passes on the run.  

2    Technique – The throw from the GK should not slow players down or force them to take extra touches.

3    Switching the Field – The GK must get his feet set early in order to be able to open up with his first touch.

4    Decision Making – Choose the right opportunity to play the ball out to a midfielder.  


1    Once the striker receives, he can make a long pass to an outside back for a cross and finish.

Players Required: 

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