Place two smaller goals towards the left and right side line outside of the penalty box. One goalkeeper in the goal, one goalkeeper outside of the penalty box and trainer (or 3rd goalkeeper) near the sideline with balls. Trainer crosses the ball from the sideline towards the goal. Goalkeeper 1 deals with the cross and rolls or throws the ball to Goalkeeper 2 outside of the 18. Goalkeeper 2 receives the ball  and shoots at the goal from the edge of the edge box. Goalkeeper 1 deals with the shot and distributes the ball into the small goal. Goalkeepers switch position after certain amount of actions. Work from both sides of the goal. 


Goalkeepers earn a point for catching the cross, making the save and a point for throwing, passing or rolling the ball into a small goal. How many points after six turns?


Improve the ability of the goalkeeper to deal with a high ball or cross, deal with shots and to distribute the ball with hands and feet.


Supply of balls, cones, one large goal and two small goals.

Coaching Points:

Catching High Balls:

  • Be in the correct starting position.

  • First recognize the flight of the ball, before going to the ball. Don't start moving too early. 

  • Keep eyes on the ball.

  • Hands start at the hips, move towards the ball and make the last step before the jump large. 

  • When the ball comes from the left, bring up right knee. When the ball comes from the right, bring up the left knee. 

  • Reach out for the ball and catch the ball at the highest point. Stretch out arms.

  • On catch, hands behind and on side of the ball, fingertips on top of the ball. 

  • After the catch keep the ball above the head or bring the ball to the chest and enclose and secure it.

Dealing with Shots:

  • Move into the correct spot; in front of the goal and on the imaginary line that runs from the center of the goal to the ball.  

  • Get into the correct stance at the moment of the shot and react with the proper action.

  • Fall, dive, front smother, or overhand or underhand catch.


  • Rolling the ball: Make the last step big, tuck ball in wrist and bring hand and ball far back and step forward with opposite foot. When releasing the ball, the hand should almost touch the ground. Keep the roll flat, no bounces. After the release the hand should point to the target. 

  • Passing the ball: Pass the ball with the inside or top of the into the small goal. When passing through the air, get the foot under the ball. When passing over the ground pass the ball in the heart.  Plant standing foot into the right position next or behind the ball. 

  • Throwing the ball: Tuck the ball in the wrist, bring arm backwards and step forward with opposite foot. Bring stretched arm forward, do not bend elbow, but keep arm straight. Don't throw the ball like in baseball. Release the ball at the right moment: keep ball fairly straight, no big loop through the air. Finish throw with throwing hand pointing to the target.   


  • Call out 'KEEPER' when going for the cross and high ball. 

Goals Required: 
One, large
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 
Several GKs


MCityfan on 8/13/2023

Nice distribution drill with minimal servers.