Inside, Outside #5

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Set Up:

There are 12-16 players set up in the attacking third, starting at the cones. To begin play, Player 1 wall passes with Player 2. Player 4 makes an inside-out run towards the sideline, while Player 3 circles the cone and heads for the far post. Player 1 sends a thru ball towards the corner for Player 4 to run onto, and then he crosses to Player 3. Player 3 finishes on goal. Upon completion, the players rotate from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4. After ten minutes, the starting positions are switched over to the other side of the field.

Coaching Points:

1.  Watch the ball as you run in case the passers slow the play down with extra touches.

2.  Circle the approaching run and approach the cross at an angle.

3.  If you can’t score with the header, head it back across to the other post.


1.  Add a defender in the penalty area.

Players Required: 

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