Keepers Last Stand, Pt. 2

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Set Up:

The two teams play 6v6 plus two on the large field, looking to score in the large triangle goal in the center. During play, the attackers are not allowed to enter the circle unless they are finishing a cross. Crosses must be finished first time. Defenders are allowed to play on the inside of the circle. When a goalkeeper wins possession, he re-starts play with a throw out to the team that was defending the previous attack. Shots must be below shoulder height to score.

Coaching Points:

1.  Speed of Play – Play one and two touch soccer and force the defenders to chase.

2.  Communication – Look to make eye contact with teammates on the opposite side of the field.

3.  Decision Making – As defenders close down the space, make long switches to the opposite side.


Progression 1 –  Allow attackers to run into the circle to finish rebounds.

Progression 2 –  Allow an attacker to make a run into the circle to receive and finish. 

Players Required: 

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