Long Pass Circuit #2

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Set Up:

There are seven players set up in the attacking third, with players starting at the cones. The goalkeepers start at the corner of the six-yard box and from inside the center circle.  To begin the drill, Player 1 plays the ball back to Goalkeeper 1. Goalkeeper 1 turns and distributes the ball out to Player 2, running from the end line. Player 2 passes the ball up to Goalkeeper 2, who turns and switches the ball over to Player 3.  Player 3 runs onto the pass and re-starts the drill.  The players rotate clockwise during the drill, and the goalkeepers switch positions every five minutes.

Coaching Points:

1.  With the first touch, the goalkeeper should open up and look to the opposite side.

2.  The goalkeeper should be up on his toes and ready to run with the ball.

3.  Back passes should be made as early as possible to discourage runs at the goalkeeper.


1.  All players are limited to two touches.

Players Required: 

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