Multiple Goals - Dribbling Game

Multiple Goals - Soccer Dribbling Game


  • Inside your grid, place a number of 4-yard goals around area. You need enough goals as half the number of players you have at practice.
  • Divide players into two teams. Once team are defenders, and their job is to act as goalkeepers in each of the goals. The other team each has a ball and are trying to dribble through the goals.
  • Goalkeepers cannot use their hands.
  • Players cannot score in the same goal twice in a row.
  • You cannot score in a goal by passing the ball through it – you have to dribble!
  • Every attacking player keeps track of their score. They get a goal for dribbling past a GK through their goal. Play for 2 minutes. At the end, players add up their scores. Switch roles and see which team can score more.

Coaching Points

  • Length of touches. Keep the ball close as you’re approaching the opponent, but lengthen your touches to build up speed as you get around them.
  • Deception. Sell the move! Stay light on your toes!



Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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