Odd Man Out

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Set Up:

Six players are set up on a small field with four small goals. Five attackers are stationed along the end line at the start of the drill. The defender bunches four balls together in the center of the field, and then strikes the pile to put them all into play at the same time. The five attackers look to pick up a ball and score into any of the four small goals versus the lone defender. The one attacker who does not win a ball is out until the next round. Each attacker keeps a running tally of his score during the game, and games are played to five.

Coaching Points:

1.  Attack at speed with the dribble. Try not to turn away from the goal.

2.  If you turn away while winning a ball, turn back quickly before the defender arrives.

3.  If the defender is occupied, look to touch the ball forward into space and run with it.   


1.  The attacker who doesn’t win a ball becomes a defender.

Players Required: 

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