One Touch Conditioning

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This is a soccer passing drill that is also great for conditioning. Divide the players up into groups of three and set up three cones or discs as show in the diagram. To start the drill, one player will start in the middle of the three cones while the other two are directly in front of them about 10 yards apart.  Either P1 or P2 starts with the ball.  On the whistle the player in the middle (P2) sprints the cone behind them and back to the middle where they will receive a pass from one of the other players.  P2 one touches a pass to the player that did not pass them the ball and then sprints to one of the side cones.  They will receive another pass from either P1 or P2  in which they one touch the ball right  back to the player that did not pass them the ball.  P2 then does one more repetition to the cone they have not run to and performs another one touch as they get back to the middle.  Depending on the age, skill level, and shape of the players you can have them do more repetitions to really work on conditioning.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


coachleo on 10/23/2018

Players are sprinting to the cones and executing good 1 touch passes-par of the foot/ball,  

Passers - on your toes, part of the foot/ball, weight of pass


coachleo on 10/21/2018

Focus on weight of passes. Part of the foot/ball on 5/4/2018

One touch

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