One Touch Drill, #1

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Set Up:

Five players set up on a small grid. Two soccer balls are used during the drill. Four players are stationed around the outside of the grid, feeding passes into the center for Player 1. Player 1 distributes the ball around the grid to open players, using one or two touches. No return passes are allowed. Players on the outside must wait until Player 1 has touched the ball off before playing the next ball in. The outside players may also pass to the other outside players, forcing Player 1 to turn and find the next ball. A new player switches in for Player 1 after 30-60 seconds.

Coaching Points:

1.  Get your feet set early, and choose your technique right away.

2.  Open up your stance while receiving, and be able to see both sides of the field.

3.  Passes must be struck at game speed. No grandma passes.


1.  Reduce the size of the grid.

Players Required: 

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