Outside, Inside #11

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Set Up:

There are 12-16 players set up in the attacking half of the field, with lines starting at the cones.  Play begins with a pass from Player 1 out to Player 2. Player 2 then plays it back to Player 3. Players 1 and 2 hold their runs to goal until Player 3 plays the ball thru to Player 4. Player 4 then lays the ball off to Player 1 or Player 2 for a finish on goal. Upon completion, the Feeder re-starts the drill with the next group of players. Players rotate to all of the lines, moving counter-clockwise from 1 to 4 to 2 to 3.  

Coaching Points:

1.  Hold the runs and let the play develop before committing to your run to goal.

2.  Passes should be made with one touch whenever possible.

3.  Disguise your pass with head and/or body feints. Look away from the intended target.


1.  Add a defender behind Player 4.

Players Required: 

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