Passing Accuracy

Passing Accuracy
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It is important at a young age for players to develop an understanding for how important it is to pass the ball with accuracy. Coaches should have a good collection of passing drills that emphasize this skill.

This soccer passing drill requires 8 cones or discs, two players, and one soccer ball.  The objective is to work on accuracy when passing the ball straight ahead and when running parallel using the instep.  Set up the cones or discs as shown in the diagram and animation.  The players should be a 10 - 20 yards apart depending on their skill level.  Have the players  pass the ball to each other through a pair of cones of their choice.  When passing through the middle cones they should be facing the player they are passing to.  When passing between a set of cones on the outside they should be facing the direction of their run and use the instep to pass the ball.  More experienced players should try to bend the ball around the inside cone.  

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