Press and Overload

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Set Up:

Diagram 1: Play begins 5 v 4 plus one in one end zone, with the attacking team scoring one point for making ten consecutive passes. A defender waits in the opposite end zone along with a neutral attacker. Both teams designate two players as their flank players (Player 1).

Diagram 2: When the defenders win the ball, they switch it over to the other end zone to their teammate and the neutral attacker. Both teams follow the ball across, with the new defending team leaving one player behind. The attacking team must send their two flank players around the mannequins before entering the end zone. Meanwhile, the defenders press the attackers and try to trap the ball, scoring one point for winning the ball before the attackers can create the overload.

Coaching Points:

1.  Pressure –  Always send one player to the ball to force the direction of play.

2.  Communication – Sort out who is covering whom.

3.  Team Shape – The four defenders must move as one compact unit.


Transition is very important during the game. Players must anticipate changes of possession and get moving across the zones before their opponent.


1.  Send one or two defenders around the mannequins as well to make pressing more difficult.

Players Required: 

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