Race to the Space

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Set Up:

Two players from each team start on opposite corners of the penalty area. On a signal, they sprint around the outside of the cones (the defenders - Players 3 and 4 - run behind the goal), and then thru the final gate, turning sharply into the penalty area. As soon as the second attacker (Player 2) gets thru the final gate, the Feeder passes the ball into the attackers to try and finish 2v2 on goal. The defenders try to win the ball and clear it out of the penalty area. The attacking team gets five chances to score and then the teams switch places. The team that scores the most goals out of the five attacks is the winner. 

Coaching Points:

1.   Finishing – The first attacker thru the gate should look for a one touch finish at the far post.

2.   Speed of Play – If the second attacker is slow, the defenders will be able to close the distance and deny the pass in.   

3.   Finishing – Attackers can make blind side runs, since the defenders cannot see the Feeder.


1.   Start three players in the gate, play 3v3.

Players Required: 


pointedorange on 9/19/2022

This would be a good one to simplify and use to learn passing. Might need to separate by ability level. 

frances.jobes@outlook.com on 9/8/2022


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