Set Up:

Three teams play 5v5 on small field, using the width of the 18yd box for sidelines. As two of the teams play, the third team waits on an end line to come in. At the beginning of play, the defending team is in the center of the field. The Feeder starts the game with a pass to any of the attackers on the end line. The ball is live with the Feeder's first touch. Play goes to completion, and the defenders try to score when they win possession. When a goal is scored, the defending team goes off. The team that scored stays on to defend the next ball. The Feeder plays the next ball to the team that has been waiting on the end line. Play is continuous and a running score can be kept for each team.

Coaching Points:

1. Pressure the ball immediately to slow the attack down.

2.  Do not take risks in front of your own goal. 

3.  The GK must constantly organize and re-organize the defense.


1.  Open up the sidelines to full width.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


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Rapid defending 

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