Receiving Drill – Part 2

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Player 1 dribbles from the cone to the gate at the other end of the field. After turning thru the gate, Player 1 dribbles into the center to combine with Player 2, who has made his run thru the gate on the opposite side. Player 1 wall passes with Player 2, then passes to Player 4 to begin the next turn. Play continues with Players 3 and 4 moving thru the gates before combining in the center of the field and ending with a pass to Player 5. After five minutes, the drill is switched, running counter-clockwise thru the gates.


Coaching Points:

1    Timing – The support player should get thru the gate first in order to initiate the combination.

2    Communication – Use verbal and visual cues to help determine which combination is on.

3    Speed of Play – Play one touch passes when you can, use two touches when you should.



Progression 1 – Add the overlap and the takeover as other possible combinations.

Players Required: 

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