Robin Hood

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  • Divide players into four teams, with each team in a separate smaller 2x2yd “hideout”
  • All balls are in the center of the larger 16x16yd grid
  • When the coach says go, one player runs to the center and dribbles a ball back to their “hideout”
  • Once that player returns, their partner goes and gets a ball. Repeat.
  • Once all the balls are gone from the center, players can begin taking a ball from other “hideouts”
  • Players cannot defend their balls and can’t tackle other people.
  • When coach ends game, count to see which team has the most and return to center. Repeat.


  • Let both partners go at the same time to collect balls and steal from other teams!

Coaching Points

  • Encourage different turns to get ball back to hideout quickly.
  • Praise players who attempt turns.
  • Players need to take little touches in tight spaces, and longer touches when they are sprinting with speed back to their hideout.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


ponchriley1 on 3/18/2019

Used in second practice

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