AS Roma Scanning Exercise

Set Up:

Player 2 starts the drill at the center cone and scans the space behind him, looking for Player 3. When Player 3 runs to a corner, Player 2 asks for the pass from Player 1, makes a return pass, and then moves out to the opposite side of the field from Player 3. When Player 2 moves, he opens up with his body shape to receive the next pass out from Player 1. Player 2 can then make a good first touch and play the ball up to Player 3. Upon completion, the players rotate to the next spot with Player 3 dribbling the ball back to the start.

Progression: Player 4 to the center spot to act as a passive defender.

Coaching Points:

  • Scanning

  • Set Position

  • Body Shape

  • Positive First Touch

  • Message in the Pass

Players Required: 

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