Scanning Warmup

Set Up:

Player 2 runs out to one side of the grid to receive the pass from Player 1. He opens up with his first touch and passes to the player on the opposite side of the field - Player 4. Player 2 then runs to the opposite side of the field to receive the next pass from Player 4, reversing the direction of the drill. Player 2 then opens up and again passes to the player in the opposite corner (Player 5). After completing his turn, the player in the center follows his last pass to that end line to replace Player 1. Player 1 - the player making the first pass into the center - jogs over to the other end line to replace Player 4. Player 4 - the player making the second pass into the center - rotates to the center position. And so players are rotating counter-clockwise during the drill.

Coaching Points:

  • Opposite Movement

  • Support Angle

  • Body Orientation

  • Shoulder Check

Players Required: 

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