Short, Long Circle

Set Up:

Diagram 1 – In the first part of the drill, the players pass the ball around the circle in a short, long pattern. In the diagram, Player 1 passes to Player 2, and the players next to him – Players 3 and 4 step inside the circle to show for the short pass. Player 3 gets the short pass, and plays the next ball long across the circle to Player 5. Players 6 and 1 step out to support the pass.  

Diagram 2 – In the second part of the drill, both of the support players are involved in a short, short, long passing sequence. Player 1 plays the long pass to Player 2 as Players 3 and 4 move to support the ball. After Player 3 receives the short pass, he plays short across the circle to Player 4, who then plays a long pass to Player 5. Players 6 and 3 move to support the ball.

All passes are made in one or two touches. Long passes should be as long as possible. Players must anticipate where the next pass is going so that they can support the ball early and communicate with the receiver.

Coaching Points:

1.  Preparation – Open your stance, see the entire circle.

2.  Speed of Play – Show for the short pass BEFORE the player receives the long pass.

3.  Communication – Always be verbally involved in play.


​1.  Limit certain players to one touch. Or require that certain passes (long or short) be hit first time.

Players Required: 

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