Speed, Angle, Distance, #2

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Set Up:

Ten players are set up on small field, starting on the end lines. To begin play, an attacker touches the ball onto the field for a teammate, who takes the ball to goal. With the first touch, the defender releases from the opposite end line to defend 1v1. Play continues to completion, and if the defender wins the ball, he attacks the other goal. On goals or balls put out of play, the ball is re-started from the end line. All of the players take their turns defending and attacking during the drill.

Coaching Points:

1.  Sprint to the ball as the attacker approaches, but then slow down as you close in.

2.  Curve your run to the ball, and force the attacker to go in one direction.

3.  Come to a stop 3-5 yards away from the attacker, and get ready to change direction.


1.  Allow the attacker to pass backwards, creating a 2v2 (a 2nd defender also comes on).

Players Required: 

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