Third Man Game

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Set Up:

Seven players are set up on a small split field, playing 1 v 1 in each half with one neutral attacker. Play begins in the defending half, where the attackers play 2 v 1 and look for passes into the attacking half. After the pass is made, the neutral player crosses over, creating another 2 v 1. If the defender wins the ball, the direction of play reverses. On goals or when the ball is put out of play, the Feeder re-starts the game with a pass into the defending half.

Coaching Points:

1.  The attackers should use the entire space and force the defender to chase the ball.

2.  Look for combination play (wall pass, overlap) when the dribble is stopped.

3.  Hold the run or check away in order to create enough space to receive the pass.      


1. The defender crosses over after two passes are made.   

Players Required: 

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