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Set Up:

The teams play 6v6 plus three with conditions: (1) The neutral players are limited to two touches and cannot score. (2) The attacking team can score in all four goals, but any shots on the small goals must be hit first time. Each team gets a three minute period to score as many goals a possible. After a goal, the attacking team keeps possession and play is re-started by the GK. When the defenders win the ball, they pass it to a GK to re-start the attack.

Coaching Points:

1.  Switching Play – Look for passes against the flow of play and long passes over the top.

2.  Re-Possession – Immediately after losing possession, contract around the ball and win it back.

3.  Decision Making – When a goal closes down, attack elsewhere. Don’t force the play.


Progression 1 – Volley, half-volley, and header finishes only.

Players Required: