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Set Up:  

Twelve players are set up inside the grid, with lines starting on the outside of the grid. Four lines of players work towards the cones set in the center of the field. During the drill, the first player in line dribbles towards the cones at speed, turns to the left (or right when the drill changes direction), and then passes the ball to the first player in the line facing them. The drill continues in this pattern with the players performing different turning moves at the cones. Possible moves are: Side Roll, Chop with the inside or outside of the foot, Maradonna, Pull behind the leg, etc.

Coaching Points:

1.   Accelerate out of your turning move in order to create enough space to pass.

2.   Sell your turning moves with ball and body feints.

3.   Keep the ball close to your foot and be able to turn away from pressure at any time.


1.   Turn at two cones, then pass across.

Players Required: