Two Touch Champ

Two Touch Champ - Soccer Passing Drill


  • Players are placed in pairs, one ball and two cones per pair. Partners are three yards away from each other, and place their cones in front of them.
  • Players start by passing back and forth to each other, but MUST use two touches, and in the same pattern around cones that the coach gives (see below)


Once patterns have been introduced, have players repeat the patterns in a competition, trying to beat the other groups. One point per pass, but playing one touch is not allowed.

Coaching Points

  • 1st Pattern: Pass is played down one side of cones. Receiving player uses outside of foot to play ball behind their cone, and then uses inside of foot to play back to partner on other side. Switch direction after one minute.
  • 2nd Pattern: Figure 8s. Ball is played through center between cones. First touch brings ball behind cone, and 2nd touch plays it back through center. Reverse direction after a minute.
  • Spend 5 minutes individually juggling before moving onto next activity.



Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


coachleo on 10/21/2018

Focus on the technique.

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