Wall Pass, Thru Pass

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Set Up:

There are 10-12 players set up in the large grid, with players starting at the cones. To begin the drill, Player 1 wall passes with Player 2, and then plays the ball up to Player 3, making an inside-out run across the field. Player 3 turns and plays the ball up to Player 4, who then wall passes with Player 5. From there, Player 4 passes to Player 6, who returns the ball to the start. As the ball moves around the grid, the players follow their pass to the next cone.  

Coaching Points:

1.  Use one touch passes whenever possible, and two touches when you have to.

2.  Before passing, look up and check for the target one more time.

3.  Delay the run until the play develops, and then show for the pass.


1.  Players 3 and 6 make underlap runs past the cone. 

Players Required: 

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