Wall Pass Warm Up

Set Up:

Three central players start inside the center circle and make runs towards the corners, combining with the outside players on wall passes to send them to the next corner. After making the 1st pass, the central players return to the center, rotating in a clockwise direction. Outside players rotate counter-clockwise during the drill.  

In the second part of the drill, a fourth central player is added and TWO balls are passed around the grid at the same time. The outside players continue to rotate counter-clockwise. The central players may continue to rotate clockwise OR they can work in pairs, running diagonally across the grid to cover two of the corners.

Coaching Points:

1.    Communication – Initiate each wall pass with a verbal command.

2.    Setting the Wall – Hold the run until the attacker is ready to make the first pass.

3.    Speed of Play – Look to play one touch passes whenever possible.


1.    Use three central players with two balls. 

Players Required: 

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