World Cup Keep Away 4 v 1

Set Up:

Divide players into teams of five. The teams begin play by passing and moving inside of a 15x20 yard grid.  Each team is given the name of a country (Spain, Brazil etc.) and each player is given a number from 1-5.  When the coach calls a number, those players run to defend in the other grid.  The first team to reach a set number of passes wins.  If the defender wins the ball he gives it back to the attacking team and they start over from zero.

Coaching Points:

1.   Draw the defender towards you before passing off.

2.   Control the ball into space every time you receive.

3.   Disguise your intentions.

4.   Move to support the player on the ball.

5.   Focus upon technical perfection with the short pass.

6.   Make the best tactical decision possible.

Players Required: 


thompson0604 on 3/31/2022


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