First Touch: Receiving Ball with Inside of Foot

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Hey everybody, Bobby Burling here for Today we are looking at some techniques for our first touch when receiving the pass. Again, a lot of things go into the preparation for that first touch.

  • How is our body position?
  • Are we ready for the ball?

We should be on our toes, our hips should be open, and ready to receive the ball with the inside of our foot, the biggest control surface of our foot. We are going to keep our first touch in the tight little square that we have built here. When we receive the ball we should touch the ball so it is still moving within the box and we can step into the ball for the pass.

Coaching Points

  • Be ready for the ball
  • Head up
  • On toes
  • Hips open
  • Receive ball with inside of the foot
  • Keep ball moving inside cones
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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