1v1 Game, #2

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Set Up:

Twelve players (in two teams of six players) are set up on large field, playing 6v6. The attacking team starts in the center with six balls. The defending team starts on the sidelines with a defender in each goal. On the Coach’s signal, the attackers try to score in the small goals. During play, the defenders may not leave their goal lines, and two players may not attack the same goal at the same time. An attack ends when the ball is scored or is put out of play. When all six balls are out of play, the teams switch roles. The first team to score five goals wins the game.

Coaching Points:

1.  A positive first touch towards goal creates a better shooting angle.

2.  Put the defender under pressure by taking the ball at him at speed.

3.  Use fake shots and get the defender to lunge after the ball.


1.  The defenders can move off of the line.

Players Required: 

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