1v1 with Goalkeepers

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Set Up:

  • Make a field 30 x 20 yds
  • Two full size goals, each with a goalkeeper
  • Two lines, one on each endline with balls split evenly between them
  • Play starts with the attacker dribbling out and playing 1 v 1 against the defender. If the shot goes over endline, both players leave the field and the opposing team starts in the other direction. If goal is scored, the goal scorer stays on the field and the opposing team attacks him 1 v 1.
  • Goalkeepers cannot score.
  • If a shot is saved, the ball is still in play and the attack starts in the other direction.

Coaching Points:

  • Attack with speed and deception.
  • Shoot on goal quickly when the space exists.
  • Cut in behind defenders with the dribble to cut of their angle of retreat.
Goals Required: 
Players Required: 

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