3 Stations - Skills Session #1

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This is a set of three soccer drills that your players can work through at the same time.  It is a good way to keep all of your players busy and involved with practice.  These drills focus on passing, receiving, dribbling, and shooting. Station 1 is a simple dribbling drill followed bya  shot.  Set up the cones as shown in the diagram and have players work through the cones and take a shot on net before the last set of cones.  Have players work on shooting with both feet as well.    Station 2 is a simple passing drill with a focus on having players pass and then move to open space. Set up 4 cones / discs about 15 yards apart. 3 players and one ball are needed for this drill with one player at each cone, therefore there is one cone without a player.   Player 1 starts with the ball and makes  a pass to a player of their choice.  After the pass they need to identify the cone without a player and sprint to it.  Each player does the same thing thing, once they receive the pass they pass to one of the other players and sprints to the cone without a player next to it.   Station 3 focuses on receiving.  5 players and three balls are needed.  The players should be in a diamond formation with one player in the middle as shown in the diagram, the diamond should be 25 - 30 yards wide.  The first player passes a ball in the air to the player in the middle. The player in the middle needs to settle the ball, control it, pick their head up to identify the player without a ball, and make a good solid pass to the player without the ball.  The player in the middle then calls out to another player player (who has a ball) and that player passes the ball through the air to the player in the middle.  The player in the middle does the same thing each time, settles the ball and makes a pass to the player without the ball.  Have each player receive about 5 balls and then switch out with another player.

Goals Required: 
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kkrotzer on 7/15/2018

like aspects of this

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