3v3 Plus Three #2

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Set Up:

Ten players are set up on a small field, playing 3v3 plus three with a goalkeeper. During play, the attacking team tries to score into a triangular goal set up in the center of the field. The three neutral attackers are limited to two touches, but they are allowed to shoot on goal. If a defender wins the ball, he must play it out to a neutral before his team can attack the goal. After a goal is scored, the attackers keep the ball but they must take it out of the grid before going to goal again. Balls put out of play are re-started by the Feeder.

Coaching Points:

1.  Use the entire space when in possession of the ball and make the defenders chase.

2.  Get out wide and call for the long pass that will change the point of the attack.

3.  Open up your stance and be able to see both sides of the field.


1.  Play 4v4 with two neutral attackers.

Players Required: 

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