3v3 Plus Two, #1

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Set Up:

Ten players are set up on a small field, playing 3v3 plus two. Two additional neutrals play along the end line. To score, the attacking team must pass the ball to one of the neutrals stationed on the end line. When the attacking team scores, they keep possession of the ball and attack in the opposite direction. The two neutrals inside the field drop back to the opposite end line, and the two neutrals on the end line join the attacking team. If the defenders win the ball, the neutral players make the same switch. The Feeder re-starts play on balls played out of touch.

Coaching Points:

1.  Anticipate changes of possession in order to have a quick transition.

2.  Continue playing after a goal is scored, and don’t “switch off”.

3.  Move the ball with one and two touch passing as opposed to using the dribble.


1.  Reduce the width of the field.

Players Required: 

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