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Set Up:  

12-14 players are set up in the attacking third, starting 4v3 in the midfield zone and 2v2 in the attacking zone. Play begins in the midfield zone, with the attackers looking to play into the attacking zone in order to shoot. When the ball is played in, two attackers cross over with the pass, creating a 4v2. When the defending team wins the ball, they can score on the two small goals on the end line. Throw-ins and corner kicks are used on balls played out of bounds, and the Feeder re-starts play when goals are scored.

Coaching Points:

1.   Play in a one and two touch rhythm along with the rest of the team.

2.   Time the runs correctly in the attacking zone in order to create enough space to receive.

3.   Do not slow down the attack with extra touches. Time is on the side of the defense.


1.   Add a midfield zone to make the entry pass longer.

Players Required: