Set Up:

The two teams play 4v4 on a small field with three small goals set up on each end line. Games are played to three goals, and new teams are formed after each game. As the game progresses, the center goals are taken off of the field.

Coaching Points:

1.  When an area of the field closes down, switch the field.

2.  Anticipate changes of possession and move before your opponent does.

3.  When your team has possession, you are an attacker. When it doesn't, you're a defender!


1.  Add a neutral and play 4v4 plus one.

Players Required: 

Comments on 8/27/2020

4 v 4, can be adapted to 3 v 3 on 8/27/2020

4 v 4, can be adapted to 3 v 3

kkrotzer on 7/10/2018

Could be good.  

chiny77 on 6/25/2018

Players play 4v4.with 6 goals.

cruddasj20 on 5/13/2018

This is a good mental twist to the game.