4v4, Flank Zones

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Set Up:

Eleven players are set up in the attacking third, with three zones set up just outside of the penalty area. During the drill, the players are 2v2 in the central zone and a flank zone. To begin play, the Feeder passes to an attacker in a flank zone. From there, the attackers must advance the ball thru either flank zone and over the 18 before going to goal. When the ball is advanced across the 18, all of the players are free to cross over. If the attackers switch the play into an empty flank zone, all of the players must move over, re-forming the 2v2’s. On goals and balls put out of play, the Feeder re-starts play in a flank zone.

Coaching Points:

1.  When a flank zone closes down, change the point of the attack.

2.  Anticipate the turnover and switch to the attack before your opponent reacts.

3.  Continue attacking with the dribble even if your previous attempts have failed.


1.  Allow shots from the central zone.

Players Required: 

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