5 Tier Shooting Series

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This drill is a soccer shooting drill that will give players a good workout as well.  This drill gives players opportunities to receive passes from different heights, lengths, and angles.  Players need to focus on receiving the passes to gain control as quickly as possible and get of a quality shot.  This drill also requires some conditioning and gets harder with each repetition so staying focused mentally is another challenge in this soccer drill. A minimum of six players is required, each with a ball.  Set up the drill as shown in the diagram or animation.  The designated shooter will start at about the penalty kick spot.  On the whistle the shooter runs back to the first cone and then cuts back to the middle to receive a pass from P2.  The shooter needs to control and release the shot as quickly as possible.  After the shot the shooter runs back to the first cone and then runs out around the second cone and receives a pass from P3.  The shooter does the same thing, trying to control the ball and release a good shot as quickly as possible.  This repetition is repeated for each cone.  As the passes become longer from P4 & P5 the ball should be passed so it is more difficult to receive. Passes to the knees, chest, and head can be made depending on the skill level of the players.  On the last repetition, the shooter turns around the fifth cone and then sprints towards the far post to receive a cross from P6.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


kkrotzer on 7/10/2018

6 or so kids

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