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Area: 40Y x 25Y with small goals in each corner. 

Both teams play in a 2-1-2 formation and can score on two small goals.

When the ball is out of bounds, restart with dribble or pass. 

Variation: Play on wide, but short field. 

Game: Keep track of the score.


Focus Points:



  • Passing and receiving skills..
  • Dribbling skills.
  • 1v1 skills, attacking and defending. 


Attacking - Own Team in Ball Possession

Goal: Build up, create scoring chances and score goals. 

  • Make the field large and create space in depth and width. 
  • Look to play the ball deep; go forward.
  • Keep ball possession
  • Maintain a good team shape / formation


Defending - Opponent in Ball Possession

Goal: Disrupt the build up, win the ball back, avoid goals against.

  • The whole team makes the field small by moving towards the ball (High Pressure), form a block around the halfway line (medium pressure), or drops towards their own goal (Low Pressure). Shift and slide towards the sideline. 
  • Pressure the player on the ball.
  • Mark tight in the area of the ball.
  • Positional or zonal marking further away from the ball. 
  • Stay active as long as possible. Back pressure) 


Transition Attacking to Defending:

  • Win ball back as quickly as possible - 5 Second Rule.
  • Protect your own goal quickly.
  • Be organized defensively while attacking. 


Transition Defending to Attacking:  

  • Quick goal-oriented action. Try to create a scoring chance as quickly as possible -10 Second Rule. 
  • Explode and connect the first pass after winning the ball. Reaction.
  • While the other team is in ball possession, certain players should anticipate the possibility of a turnover and to ATTACK.
Goals Required: 
Four, Small
Balls Required: 
Players Required: