Set up a diamond shape, but only use three of the cones for the triangle. Three players at the starting cones, one or two at other cones. Players follow their pass.

Player 2 bounces the ball back to Player 1. Player 2 turns and receives the ball back from Player 1. Player 2 plays a leading pass to Player 3. Player 3 dribbles the ball back. It’s very important that Player 3 times the run and is not ahead of the ball.


See Ajax Triangle 4

Focus Points:

  • Pass with the correct speed to the correct foot.

  • Bounce with the correct speed to the correct foot.

  • Pass the ball correctly into the run of the player. Make it a leading pass.

  • Timing of runs and passes.

  • Receive with the correct foot.

  • Open up.

  • Check away / into the ball.

  • Concentration, focus.

  • Communication. Verbal and non-verbal.

Players Required: