Teams are organized into three teams of five players each. There will be one goalkeeper and the exercise takes place in the final third of the field. To start the exercise, one team attacks another with the third team waiting at the top. Once the attack finishes (either from a goal or a defensive clearance), the attacking team becomes  the defensive team, the defensive team exit, and the incoming team become the attacking team. Play for 3x5 minutes sets with one-minute recovery between each one.

Coaching Points:

1.   Transition quickly from attacking to defending, and get pressure on the ball.

2.   Look to switch fields in order to create 1v1s.

3.   If there is no space play into, work horizontally across the field, using overlaps and takeovers.

Players Required: 


guytono on 9/13/2022

Transition Play - set up three teams with 3, with one team having 4 with two goal keepers rotating for each attack

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