Curved Zones

Curved Zones Soccer Activity for U14


  • 6yd goals on each side with goalkeepers. Give each team a formation.
  • Add a wide zone on each side of the field (about 5 yards wide), but angle in like diagram.
  • Players play a straight scrimmage. However, if a goal is scored from a pass from the wide zones, that goal is worth 3 goals instead of 1.
  • Defenders can defend in the curved wide zones.

Coaching Points

  • Talk about decision making with crosses. Should we always cross just because we are wide? When should we dribble? Can we cross the ball, but still play it on the ground? Wide zones are curved in, encouraging a dribble to get closer to the goal.
  • Encourage players to look centrally first (because that is where the goal is). If a good shot or pass doesn’t exist, then look to play wide.
  • Movement off the ball. If players don’t get wide when we win the ball, then we can’t pass wide!
  • Communication (verbal and nonverbal)
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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