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Set Up:

The teams play 4v3 on a 30 x 30 field. If the "man up" team (red in the diagram) scores, three new players come onto field for the "man down" team (blue in the diagram). The man down team starts with the ball and attacks 3v4. If the man down team scores, they get to add a fourth player as a bonus for scoring while being a man down. The team that was scored on while being a man up replaces their four players with three new ones. The new man down team starts with the ball and attacks 3v4, trying to get the man advantage back. In essence, the man up team gets to keep playing 4v3 until they get scored on. If ball goes out of bounds, the game restarts with ball from the GK who's team is in possession.

Coaching Points:

1.  Play fast to take advantage of the numbers up situation.

2.  Use the entire field when you have a numbers up situation.

3.  Try to isolate attackers 1v1 when you are in a numbers down situation.


1.  Start 4v4. When a team gets scored on, they take a man off. If you get scored on while numbers up, take two players off.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: