Set Up:

The player in the center (Player 1) plays the ball to an outside player (Player 2), and then receives his return pass. After receiving, Player 1 turns away from Player 2 and passes to a different outside player (Player 3). Then he takes Player 3's spot on the outside of the field. Player 3 dribbles into the center and starts the next combination with a pass to Player 4. The pattern continues from there – double pass / turn away / pass outside, double pass / turn away /  pass outside.

Coaching Points:

1.   Passing - Make the return pass as short as possible by going to the ball.​

2.   Speed of Play - Use one touch when you can, two touches when you should.  

3.   Concentration - All outside players have be alert and on their toes in order to play in a one touch rhythm.


1.   The central player can dribble to the outside and perform a takeover combination.

Players Required: 

Comments on 7/13/2021

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