Finishing Race

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Set Up:

A player from each team races from the end line thru the obstacle zone to the opposite goal. The attacking player tries to finish a pass from the end line as the other player defends. A neutral attacker releases from the sideline as the players enter the obstacle zone, making a delayed run to goal to create a 2 v 1. As soon as the ball is passed out from the end line, the next two players begin their runs to goal, making sure not to interfere with the previous attack.  After five minutes, the groups rotate to new starting positions.

Coaching Points:

1.   Vision – The defender needs to track the attackers run and choose the correct angle for his run.

2.   Finishing – The run and the pass should take the attacker away from the defender.

3.   Support – The neutral has to support from the correct distance, forcing the defender to chase.

4.   Decision Making – Look to finish first time. If turned away from goal, look for the neutral.


1.   Change the shape of the obstacle zone to a short, wide rectangle. All of players begin their runs at the same time.

2.   Use a Feeder on the end line. The first player thru the obstacle zone attacks, the other defends.

3.   Progress to a 2 v 2 plus one to goal.

Players Required: 

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