First Shout Drill

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Set Up:

Four attackers play in each of the two end zones, and four defenders occupy the central zone. The players must stay inside of their zones during the drill. A goalkeeper is stationed behind each end line to communicate with the group of defenders. During play, the attackers score one point for changing the ball from one end zone to the other within five passes. Attackers are limited to two touches. When the defenders intercept a pass, they keep possession and play 4v2 in the central zone (one attacker is sent in from each end zone) and score one point by playing the ball out to either of the two goalkeepers. Attackers in the end zones try to intercept passes out to the GKs.

Coaching Points:

1.  Communication – The first shout sorts it out. The GKs and defenders send players to the ball.

2.  Cover – The second defender must drop back to close down passing lanes.

3.  Balance – The third defender must be wide enough to close down the sideline.


Progression 1 – The attackers can score three points by dribbling the ball thru the central zone.

Players Required: 

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