Set up line of six cones for agility drill on two sides of the goal. One goalkeeper in the goal, one goalkeeper next to the row of cones. Trainer near PK spot, throws high ball to goalkeeper 1. Goalkeeper 1 deals with the high ball, throws the ball back to the and goes through cones with variety of agility movements. When GK 1 is at end of the cones, the trainer throws the ball between GK 1 and GK 2. GK 2 deals with the high ball under pressure of GK 1. After catch, goalkeepers switch position. Work from both sides of the goal. Increase pressure from GK 1. Communication from goalkeepers.


Improve the ability of the goalkeeper to deal with a high ball.


Supply of balls, cones, large goal.

Coaching Points:

Catching High Balls:

  • Be in the correct starting position.

  • First recognize the flight of the ball, before going to the ball. Don't start moving too early. 

  • Keep eyes on the ball.

  • Hands start at the hips, move towards the ball and make the last step before the jump large. 

  • When the ball comes from the left, bring up right knee. When the ball comes from the right, bring up the left knee. 

  • Reach out for the ball and catch the ball at the highest point. Stretch out arms.

  • On catch, hands behind and on side of the ball, fingertips on top of the ball. 

  • After the catch keep the ball above the head or bring the ball to the chest and enclose and secure it.


  • Heels should not touch the ground, pump your arms, don't hunch over, be fairly straight up. 


  • Call out 'KEEPER' when going for the cross and high ball. 

Goals Required: 
One, large
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 
Several GKs

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